What Days Are My Garbage & Recycling Picked Up?

Collection schedules can vary depending on your address. To see your collection schedule click HERE.

Is There A Fee To Remove Graffiti If It Is Located On My Home Or Business?

There is no charge for graffiti removal. Citizens are required to call the public works office at 956-681-4000 to make a report.

How Much Does The Compost Cost?

Compost can vary in prices depending on the type of product. Our recycling and composting facilities carry compost, compost blend, mulch, tree stump mulch and seasonal Christmas tree mulch. To view a full price sheet of our products, click Here.

How Do I Get A Roll-Off  Container At My Job Site?

The process for obtaining a Roll-Off container for existing residents and business owners is different from that of new customers. To find out what steps you should take, please visit our roll-off services page by clicking HERE.

What Items Can I Recycle?

The City of McAllen Recycling Center allows glass, paper, cardboard, aluminum/tin cans, and plastics (code #1 & #2) to be recycled.

Why Was My Blue Bin Replaced With A Black Bin?

There are various reasons for replacing your blue bin. The most common cause of removal is due to a contaminated recycling bin. For more information on our recycle Right Program or to reclaim your bin, please call: 956-681-4050.

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