When In Doubt... Bag It!

McAllen Brush Pickup & BAG IT! Program

Learn More About The BAG IT! Program

The BAG IT! Program provides McAllen Residents with FREE compostable brown paper bags to dispose of grass clippings & leaves. Twenty (20) Compostable bags per month are provided at no cost and are available for pick up at The City of McAllen Recycling Center.

Compostable bags are available at the following City facilities:

  • City Hall
  • Main Library
  • McAllen Chamber of Commerce
  • Lark Community Center
  • Palmview Community Center
  • Las Palmas Community Center
  • Quinta Mazatlan

There is a limit of (5) compostable bags per month at the facilities listed above.

Why use Brown compostable bags?

Our brown compostable bags are used in our composting process at our composting facility. Because these bags are made from paper, they easily biodegrade like trees. This allows us to make compost and other mulch materials that will be clean and contaminant free. If you use plastic bags, you’re not only wasting money, you’re also potentially contaminating our composting products, or causing our city to send it to the land fill as trash. Sending organics to the landfill produces hazardous methane gases and costs the taxpayer (you) and our city more money to do so.

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